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Farm Business Resilience Planning

Extensive livestock producers can receive free, impartial and confidential farm business resilience planning

Extensive livestock producers can receive free, impartial and confidential farm business resilience planning

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About Farm Business Resilience Planning

If you’re an extensive livestock producer in Southern Queensland, we offer free, impartial and confidential support to help improve the resilience of your farm business.

Extensive livestock producers in Southern Queensland manage uncertainty and complexity every day. However, running a livestock farm business is becoming more challenging. Particularly due to significant climate and business risks such as:

  • natural disasters including drought, flooding and bushfires
  • market uncertainty and other industry pressures.

The Farm Business Resilience Planning Service provides the tools, skills and knowledge extensive livestock producers need to prepare for and effectively manage climate and business risks. Which helps improve farm business resilience for the longer term. Including the ability to absorb and recover from challenges that have a negative impact on production and financial returns.

The Farm Business Resilience Planning Service operates alongside the Rural Financial Counselling Service.

How we can help

Our Livestock Business Planning Specialists can come to your farm or rural business and help improve your farm business resilience.

What’s on offerHow it assists your livestock farm business
Completing a livestock self-assessment checklistYour completed checklist will help you work out where you and your livestock farm business are now.
Before you can plan for the future, you need to have a good understanding of your current situation.
Developing a livestock business resilience planYour plan will help you identify and manage the specific risks affecting your livestock farm business.
You’ll have proactive strategies and actions prepared to address the specific risks affecting your farm business. Allowing you to achieve better outcomes and improve your farm business resilience.
Improving your overall financial and business literacyWith improved skills and knowledge in financial and business areas, you can make better, more informed decisions for your livestock farm business.
Applying for the drought support package (grant and/or loan) from Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA)QRIDA Drought Preparedness Grants offer up to $50,000 as a co-contribution grant to assist you to undertake on-farm capital improvements that will improve the drought preparedness of your property.
QRIDA Drought Ready and Recovery Finance Loan can help you secure the future sustainability of your livestock farm business.
Providing individual on-property support to you in your business.Our livestock business planning specialists provide the ongoing support you need to develop your plan to adapt to the challenges of managing your business.

You don’t need to be at risk or experiencing financial hardship to access our Farm Business Resilience Planning Service. You only need to be an extensive livestock producer (cattle, sheep or goat producer) located in Southern Queensland.

If you’re not an extensive livestock producer

The following organisations may be able to assist you with Farm Business Resilience Planning if you’re not an extensive livestock producer:

Our Livestock Business Planning Specialists

Get in touch with one of our Livestock Business Planning Specialists to access our free, impartial and confidential Farm Business Resilience Planning.

Craig Turner

Southern Queensland

Supporting all Southern Queensland areas – focusing on South West Queensland, Maranoa, Darling Downs, South Burnett and Scenic Rim

Brisbane and Charleville Offices
0497 562 232

Warren Ryan

Darling Downs / South West Queensland

Supporting Goondiwindi, Balonne, Southern Downs, Toowoomba, Maranoa and Western Downs areas

Hannah Mrowka

Central Queensland / Wide Bay Burnett

Supporting Central Highlands, Rockhampton, Banana and North Burnett areas

This program is jointly funded through Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) Southern Queensland

The RFCS Southern Queensland offers free, impartial and confidential financial counselling to primary producers in Southern Queensland.

Rural Solutions Queensland

Funded by the Australian Government and Queensland Government

Registered charity

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